Compression Tube Fittings

'Techmark' Compression Tube fittings are composed of precision parts which are manufactured to very stringent tolerances for maximum assurance of reliable performance. They are designed for reliable connections, simply and quickly, without special tools. As such these fittings provide leak proof, torque free seal at all tubing connections and eliminate costly, hazardous leaks in instrumentation and process tubings.

All the action in the fittings moves along the tube axially instead of with a rotary motion. Since no torque is transmitted from the fitting to tubing there is no initial strain which might weaken the tubing.


MATERIAL : BRASS, SS 304, SS 316, SS 304L, SS 316L, bar stock.
SIZE : 1/2" (3mm) to 1"(25mm)
WORKING PRESSURE : 1) 3000 PSI or 205 mg/cm2 2) 400 PSI to 275 kg/cm2
                                        3)  5000 PSI or 340 Kg/cm2 4) 6000 PSI or 410 Kg/cm2
'TECHMARK Compression Tube Fittings are best suited for Copper or Stainless Steel Tube where brazing, Soldering, Welding or threading is not possible or permissible. These fittings also eliminate the need for special preparation of the tubes and can easily be connected or disconnected as often as desired without affecting its efficiency. These fittings can also be used under severe working conditions such as cyclic temperature or cyclic pressure conditions.
1 - > Fittings in Disconnected Position
2 - > Fittings with Pre-swaged ferrules inserted into fittings until front ferrules seat in fittings.
3 - > Tight nut by hand Ratale nut about one and quarter (1.25) turn with wrench.