S S Corrugated Hose


We manufacture & offer a wide range of corrugated flexible hose and wire braiding in authentic stainless steel grades 304, 304L, 321, 316L and 316Ti. We also cater to various requirements through our customized products of stainless steel hose in flexibility class A, B and C in sizes ¼" (6mm) to 12" (300mm). 

We are well equipped to specifically design and manufacture metal hose of much higher pressure ratings with increased wall thickness of tube and special braidings. Hydraulic forming process is used in the production of all hose sizes above 15mm.

Two-Ply Hose
Alfa is engaged in the manufacturing of 2-Ply hoses with single, or multi-ply braids for special & specific applications, where high temperature and high pressure is required. 

The pressure ratings of class B flexibility (ALFA B-FLEX ) hose are given in the following table
Advantages of Flexible Metal Hose
  1. Suitable for wide temperature range (-270 ºC to 700ºC).
  2. It compensates for thermal expansion or contraction in piping system.
  3. High physical strength.
  4. Good corrosion characteristics.
  5. Fire resistant.
  6. Moisture resistant.
  7. Long life.
  8. Resistant to abrasion, penetration and damage.
  9. Absorbs or dampers vibration and noise from pumps, compressors, engines and similar Equipment.
  10. Connects misaligned rigid piping.
  11. Connects moving parts of machinery and equipment.
  12. Permits a very economical installation against rigid piping in difficult locations.


Testing Facilites
To deliver the finest quality products, we have comprehensive testing facilities. The testing is carried out as per BS 6501- Part 1 as well as ISO 10380 standards. A look at few of the prominent tests conducted by us:
  1. Fatigue Test
  2. Bend Test
  3. Flame Test
  4. Hydrostatic test
  5. Burst test